প্রত্যেক ভর্তি পরীক্ষার জন্য গুরুত্বপূর্ণ –

1. Father of English Novel — Henry Fielding

2. Father of English Poem– Geoffrey Chaucer

3. Poet of poets —  Edmund Spenser

4. English Epic poet —  John Milton

5. Both a poet and painter— Blake

6. Famous mock heroic poet in English Literature —  Alexander Pope

7. The poet of nature in English Literature-  William Wordsworth

8. Poet of beauty in English Literature — John Keats

9. Rebel poet in English Literature — Lord Byron

10. Poet of Skylark and Winds—  P.B. Shelley

11. Father of Modern English Literature —G.B. Shaw

12. Most translated author of the world —  V. I. Lenin

13. Bard of Avon — William Shakespeare

14. Poet of Love/ Metaphs’ical Poet— John Donne

15. Father of English Criticism — John Dryden

16. Father of Romanticism—  Coleridge & Wordsworth

17. The Founder of English Prose— Alfred the Great

18. First Sonneteer in English Literature —Sir Thomas Wyatt

19. Poet of Supernaturalism / Opium Eater— S.T. Coleridge

20. Father of English Tragedy — Christopher Marlowe

21. Father of English Eassay — Francis Bacon

22. The Greatest Modern Dramatist — George Bernard Shaw

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